Codevelopement Workshops

Navigating through the waters of a new leadership positition can be lonely. Most leaders don’t have the support they need when they need it or don’t feel confident enough to ask for it. 

Our codevelopement workshops provide you with a confidential and safe space where you can grow alongside other leaders from different companies and give them your support in return.

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So what is it exactly?

The main idea around codevelopment is to learn about one’s own practice and improve it, by listening to and helping peers to progress in understanding and effectively improving their practice. At each session, there is both an individual reflection and a collective reflection with the group.

How does it work?


In each session there is one Client and four Consultants. You get to be the Client once, for a whole session. The rest of the time you are a Consultant.


Each session last approximately 1 hour and is based on a clearly defined sequence of steps.


Option 1 : Same time each day for one week (Mon-Fri)

Option 2 : Same time every time for 5 weeks

Benefits of Codevelopment

Invest in a skillset that is crucial for a leader


Cultivate your growth mindset.

Codevelopment keeps you reflective on yourself and allows you to invest in your professional growth.


Learn how to art of feedback.

In each session, you get an opportunity to give and receive constructive feedback.


Understand what drives your motivation.

Codevelopement helps you create commitment and drive on your own projects and situations.


Grow confidence.

In each session, you get an chance to practice sharing your experience and being assertive.


Embrace the posture of a Servant leader.

By learning to help and to be helped.


Open yourself to more options.

Codevelopment allows you to be in touch with other points of view, other experiences etc.


Simply invest in an experience that teaches you to accept a person and his/her situation as unique to themselves and detach from judging.


One plan that includes everything.

  • 5 virtual sessions (1 as a Client and 4 as a Consultant)
  • Guides to prepare the sessions
  • Slack community to keep the reflection and learning ongoing
  • 10% off the VITALS 1:1 Coaching program

For 100€

Do more of what makes you grow as a leader.