Codevelopment: story, principles and benefits

The story behing Codevelopment : How was it created, by whom and was does it aim to do?

How was it created and by whom?

Inspired by the work of Revans in Action Learning, the concept of Codevelopment groups was created by Adrien Payette and Claude Champagne, both from Quebec, Canada. 

Early in the 80s, Adrien Payette, professor at the ENAP in Montreal put together an educational approach to help his students to reflect in their daily pratice of management. 

More or less at the same time, Claude Champagne, social psychologist at the hospital Cite de la Santé, took part in workshop among peers that would answer some of the insatisfactions he had felt in other type of learning methods. This workship was inspired by the work of Adrien Payette. 

A few years later, in 1994, they finally met in person and from that encounter was born the project of writting a book to guide people in the practice of Codevelopment. 


What does it aim to do?

The main objective of codevelopment groups is to help the participants improve their professional practice. In each session, there is both an individual reflection and a collective reflection with the group.