Who am I?

I am Justine and as a woman from the Millenial generation, I see so many people around me lost in their career and in their life; in search of clarity. 

I can recognize it because I was one of them not so long ago. 

For 10 years I worked in the Corporate world. I became a manager before 30, I was happy… Until I wasn’t anymore. 

At some point I realized I was living somebody else’s life. I had left life unfold in front of me, living in “autopilot” and I lacked the self-awareness to see that I wasn’t in a path that fit me.

When I eventually found my purpose, I decided to become a certified Coach so I could dedicated my time to serve people, who just like me, are in search of clarity and meaning.

Now I guide my clients get unstuck and become the Intentional Creator of their (Professional) lives. All so they can enjoy going to work on Mondays again.

Thanks to my corporate experience, I realized that many of the challenges we face can be solved by deepening our self-awareness. Only when we know ourselves enough, we can build the self-confidence we need to overcome any obstacle.  


Certified LIfe Coach in January 2022